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You will never know how much my family and I appreciated your kindness, caring, and understanding. It takes a very special person, or group of people, to do what you folks do day in and day out. All Carl asked was to be at home for the end of his life. Thanks to all of you, he was.

With Heartfelt Thanks, Becky Raber

Rhonda, Jennifer, Greg and Tammy-Our thanks for the brief, but wonderful care for Betty in her final days. Knowing she was comfortable was so important to us. You are all special people and you have a special place in heaven.

The Family of Betty Bees

There were so many kind people. Two aides that were so kind and beyond-they were Kellie and Carol. The nurse Shirley was very, very good...the last night Shirley (the patient) was there, Shirley(the nurse) was in there every 15 minutes. It came from her heart. The others were also kind.

-Susie Bartles, mother of Shirley Buller(Hospice House patient)

Hospice with Heart-Dear Dawn, you do not know me, but I wanted to THANK YOU for creating such a great company! Hospice with Heart helped us with my mom at Bethany Lutheran Home the last week of her life. Ann, Mandy, Leslie & Frank were AWESOME.

Bless you for creating an amazing business!

--Amy Johnson, daughter of Monte L. Phillips

Thank you Hospice with Heart for the gentle, loving care provided to my Mom, Margaret LeBaugh, during the last weeks of her worldly life. Special thanks to Lilllian Jeppesen, my dear friend and your wonderful hospice worker. I doubt she knows just how much she did for my Dad and me during those weeks. Thanks to a very speical young woman, Mandy, who Mom adored. Ann, Rhonda, Michelle, Jenn, and Leslie were so compassionate with Mom and with me. You care for the entire family and it is appreciated more than you know. I will never forget the abundant kindness and excellent care you all gave Mom. It was hard for us to turn over her care to anyone, but you eased the pain with your compassion and professionalism. Mom thrived under your care and enjoyed many happy moments because of you. I'm sure you'll always remember "Why Fire Trucks Are Red" just as I'll always have a special place in my heart for each of you.

God Bless and keep you, Jan Laney

My mom enjoyed the extra attention she received from Hospice with Heart. Unfortunately, I only had the pleasure of meeting Frank once, on the day she passed away. But what he said about her being a gift will stay with me forever. He certainly made an impact on my life. Then there's Jenn - she is wonderful. I don't think anyone was any more surprised at how quickly my mom's condition changed than Jenn. She stayed until the end. I'm sorry I didn't get to know the others who cared for her like I did Jenn. If they are only half as kind, compassionate, caring and fun-loving as Jenn, you have the very best staff possible. May God watch over all of you because you have a very sacred job, it takes a special person to do what you at Hospice with Heart does everyday.Thank you doesn't seem adequate...however, until there is a better word - THANK YOU ALL. Mary Thompson, Frances Hutchison's daughter

It is hard to put in words the wonderful care that our Mother received while she was at the Hospice with Heart Hospice House. The staff was so caring and kind to her and to us, her family. They showed such professionalism in their work, yet gave us ALL the support and special attention that we wanted and needed.

We cannot thank you enough. You have a wonderful facility.


Shirley M. Orton

Sherry Hambsch

Berkeley Greenwood

Children of Ruth Greenwood

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