Bereavement Services

At Hospice with Heart , we believe that we are not soley carged with the care of the terminally ill patient, but aso the family members and loved ones as they are an extension of that patient. Part of that care includes providing bereavement services to the families and loved ones for thirteen months after the patient has passed away.

Bereavement Services Offered

  • Anticipatory grief

  • Grief mailings

  • Supportive Calls

  • Referrals to Support Groups, Counselors.

  • Annual Memorial Services

  • Supportive visits at your home or our office

  • Community Outreach: Live@Work, Presentations, Informationals.

  • Support at Funerals and Memorials

If you have lost a loved one, even if they were not using hospice services, and would like some support, please call or email:

Greg (Hospice Social Worker) at 712-325-6802 or

Frank (Hospice Chaplain) at 712-527-4660 or

Mike (Hospice Chaplain) at 712-325-6802 or

For a list of area Support Groups, call or email Greg Kuipers, SW at 712-325-6802 or

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