Hospice with Heart has partnered with the National Pet Peace of Mind (PPOM) Program which recognizes and actively supports the unique bond between hospice patients and their pets. Hospice with Heart's program launched November 1, 2010 and aligns with Hospice with Heart's mission of providing quality hospice care working as an interdisciplinary team that values respect, trust, dignity and compassion. We also believe that we are not solely charged with the care of the terminally ill patient, but also of their family members and loved ones as they are an extension of that patient, including their beloved pets.

Hospice with Heart is excited to launch our Pet Peace of Mind program to enhance our current programs of quality, holistic end-of-life care as we recognize the significance of unconditional love and stability pets bring to patients in an uncertain world for the terminally ill, especially when their pets are their only "family". Hospice with Heart understands the unique bond of patients and their beloved pets.

Pet Peace of Mind allows patients to complete their end of life journey without worrying about their pet's current or future needs. The initiative provide volunteer pet care services for patients who are unable to care for their pets while on hospice, so that their beloved pets can remain at their side until the end. Services include assistance with pet food, financial assistance with routine veterinary care, transporting the pet to veterinary appointments, respite pet care, walking, cleaning of litter box, finding placement for their beloved pet when needed and more. The pre-planning placement of patient's pets has lifted much worry and emotional stress from the patient; they can simply enjoy their pets' unconditional love.

Offering the Pet Peace of Mind program places Hospice with Heart in a select group of other hospice providers that have joined a national network of hospice provders committed to ensuring this important patient need is met. Hospice with Heart recently received a $5000 grant from the Banfiled Charitable Trust to allow them to recognize, provide and meet the needs of patients regarding the care of their beloved pets, an often forgotten aspect of the patient's care, thus meeting the total physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient, truly giving them the holistic care they deserve!

Hospice with Heart will work with your pet's current veterinarian when services are needed as we recognize the importance of consistency of care for your pets. If you do not have a current veterinarian, we have three on our Board of Directors, Dr. Barbara Lee of Council Bluffs and Dr. William Rishel and Dr. Michael Joyce of Glenwood who can assist and guide us when needed.

Petco Grant Received

The Petco Foundation has awarded Hospice with Heart with a $2000 grant to cover the cost of spaying/neutering of pets of our hospice patients.

Banfield Trust Pet Peace of Mind Grant Received

Hospice with Heart has again been awarded a grant of $2500 from the Banfield Trust Pet Peace of Mind Program. This enables us to provide care/food/supplies/medicines to the pets of our hospice patients.

Many Thanks to both the Petco Foundation and the Banfield Trust Pet Peace of Mind Program.

If you are a pet lover, you can make a difference and help support this effort by getting involved today by:

  • Becoming a Hospice with Heart volunteer to help patient's care for their beloved pets, run errands for pet supplies, transport pets to veterinarian appointments, walking pets, cleaning litter boxes/kennels, and playing with pets,etc/

  • If you are Veterinarian, reduce fees and/or donate your time and skills to help provide needed care.

  • If you are a Groomer, reduce fees and/or donate a grooming session for a patient's beloved pet.

  • If you are a service provider for pets, reduce fees and/or donate much needed itmes/services for pets of hospice patients.

  • Become a foster respite pet provider or adopt a pet when the time is appropriate for the patient.

  • If you are a Pet Boarding facility, reduce fees and/or donate days for boarding to help patients and their family with respite care needs and funeral bereavement needs when a pet needs to be boarded for a few days.

  • If you are an animal shelter/rescue, help us with placement needs for our patient's beloved pets when the time arrives for pets needing a new home.

  • Provide a monetary donation to assist with pet food/litter, veterinary care, and/or other needs the pets may require.

For more information about the Pet Peace of Mind (PPOM) program, how you can become a PPOM volunteer, how to enroll in a special PPOM volunteer training, how to become involved making a difference for someone on their final end-of-life journey, or how to make a donation, call 712-325-6802 and ask for Tracie Getschman, Volunteer Coordinator; Greg Kuipers, Masters Social Worker, or Lillian Jeppesen, RN, Community Liaison. To learn more about the Peace of Mind Program, click on Pet Peace of Mind link below:

Pet Peace of Mind Donation

Please document what you would like your donation to go towards, the amount and then click 'Pay Now' button.
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