About Us

The Beginning

In 2004, two Registered Nurses, graduates of Methodist and Jennie Edmundson Schools of Nursing, identified the lack of services for hospice patients in the Council Bluffs and surrounding rural areas. Although there were other services that came into the area, there was no community based and locally run organization.

These nurses not only identified the lack of services, but also recognized that there was a great need for an inpatient facility. The nurses believed that as an organization with non-profit status, they could raise the funds necessary to help terminally ill patients that did not have the ability to pay for services.

The nurses made Hospice with Heart their priority. Staffing began with two individuals and then grew to three...with the future goal of Hospice with Heart having a multiple team concept. Hospice with Heart now has 40+ employees helping perform our mission for the past 10 years.

Hospice with Heart had the goal of providing care not only to in-home and long-term care facility patients, but also opening an inpatient facility, a hospice house. That dream came to fruition in July, 2009. This facility provides the home like environment for Individuals who are unable to remain in their homes or have chosen not to go to a long-term care facility. It is the areas first Hospice Facility and is so needed in this area.

Our Mission

The mission of Hospice with Heart is to provide quality hospice care working as an interdisciplinary team that values and emphasizes respect, trust, dignity, and compassion. We believe there is nothing more important than the patient and their needs. We also believe that we are not solely charged with the care of the terminally ill patient, but also of their family members and loved ones as they are an extension of that patient.

Quality care comes from the heart......."

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