Hospice with Heart Wish List

Thanks to the generosity of many in our communities, Hospice with Heart began in November 2004 and Hospice With Heart Hospice House became a reality, opening its doors on July 20, 2009 at 357 Indian Hill Drive in Glenwood, Iowa to serve the needs of the terminally ill in Southwest Iowa and Eastern Nebraska. Today, we serve in-home patients and families from Southwest Iowa, and hospice house patients and families from all over Southwest Iowa, Eastern Nebraska and some have come from across the United States, having chosen to spend their final days at the hospice house surrounded by loving family, friends and a quality, caring, dedicated hospice staff.

Many community members, businesses, family and friends of patients often ask, "Is there anything specific you need for the Hospice House or your hospice program?" As we are a non-profit organization and because reimbursement often falls short of covering the actual cost of providing care and services, we rely heavily on the generosity of community members and philanthropist to assist in continuing to meet the hospice needs and providing bereavement support to families in all of our communities. In response to your questions, we have developed a "WISH LIST" to help us meet the needs of those we serve, including:


  • Handmade lap quilts for patients, (these quilts then become a keepsake for family)

  • Adult Terry Bibs with Snap closure: cost for a case of twelve = $55 or can be handmade

  • Fund for Barber/Beautician for patient: Donation at discretion of donor

  • Fund for provision of specialized Hospice/Bereavement Literature/Books/CD,s/Guided Imagery CD's/Tapes for Patients/ Family/Children: Donation at discretion of donor

  • Fund for Magazine subscriptions for patients/family to enjoy. Donation at discretion of donor

  • Room & Board Care Scholarships for those clients who are uninsured, underinsured, or have limited available funds and cannot afford room & board at the hospice house (note we turn no one away regardless of ability to pay)Every $160 given covers one day of room and board for a patient at the hospice house. Care Scholarships can be given in any amount and will be used to provide room and board for those without funding.


  • 2 Adjustable Hi-Low Beds - Adjust from 7" to 39" to assist in fall prevention , especially with those patients with dementia, approximate cost of each bed = $2, 247

  • 2 PressureGuard APM & Safety Supreme mattresses for alternating pressure and lateral rotation to assist in preventing pressure sores; approximate cost of each mattress = $1,405

  • 4 Posey Defined Perimeter Mattress covers to assist in safety and fall prevention: approximate cost of each cover = $250

  • Recliner


  • Patio Furniture Set (Couch, Chairs, Tables) Cost varies from $500 to $1,500

  • Garden fund to assist in maintenance of gardens: Donations at discretion of donor

  • Snow Blower; Approximate cost $1,500

  • Birdseed and Hummingbird Food


  • Paper products, i.e., paper towels, Kleenex, napkins, holiday napkins, paper cups, plastic cups.

  • Administrative Needs: General Office Supplies i.e., copy paper, photo quality copy paper, paper clips, rubber bands

  • Birthday/Greeting Cards

  • Coloring Books, Crayons, Word Search Books

  • Non-designated donation


  • Pet Food, Cat Litter, Veterinary Funds (for pet medications, check-ups for patients who are unable to care for their pets without assistance, because when the owner is ill the pet can suffer too)

  • AKC Good Citizen Certification Training Fee for a six week program for each of our volunteer pets cost $100. ( Some of our volunteers cannot afford this fee)

Your donation is tax deductible as we are a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization. Please specify designated use of your donation. Thank you for your caring commitment to our communities and the terminally ill...helping them make each day a day to "Live While Dying".

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